WannaKis Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket Hardware (Pack of 4 Pieces) – Blind Shelves Brackets Support

Our Floating Shelf Brackets are the perfect added-storage solution for homes where space is limited because all brackets are hidden inside the shelf. Get it now and feel different


STEP 1: Place your first hidden bracket against the wall, using a spirit level to make sure it’s level. Mark the fixing-hole positions with a pencil

STEP 2: Using the pencil marks, drill holes into the wall. Always choose screws or fittings that are suitable for the material of your wall. Screw the bracket into place

STEP 3: Slide the shelf onto the bracket to check that it’s level (use the spirit level to make sure). Once you’re happy with the position of this shelf and the way it looks, slide it back off the bracket so that you can position the rest of the brackets

STEP 4: Once all the brackets are in place, slide the shelves on and fix them into place with the small screws provided with the shelf, using the pre-drilled holes on the underside of each shelf.

PACKAGING INCLUDES: 4 Rods, 4 Base Plates, 8 Screws, 8 Wall Plugs, 1 User Manual

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Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Design: Unlike other wall shelving bracket, we have increased the thickness to give you a reinforced, ultra sturdy, durable, shelf bracket set, capable holding up to 50 lbs. Even some more lbs when mounted stud or brick as our rustic shelf bracket is made up of solid steel includes quality screws, anchors. It can be installed anywhere like wall mounting, wooden mantle, brick wall
  • Modern Fancy Decor: The long floating shelves bracket hides inside the shelf and gives stylish ambiance. It creates a stunning illusion to capture the beautiful and elegant modern look of a beloved home. Pack of 4 pieces make two shelves space and can be placed in Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Garages and farmhouse for storage and decoration purposes
  • DIY Easy Installation Don’t worry, our package includes 8 pieces of screws & wall plugs, and easy to understand instruction manual with pictorial guidance. NO special skills required, A fun DIY project. If you still have any questions about installation or anything, please contact us
  • Corrosion Protection: Like Industrial Shelving, our brackets are made up of Rustproof metal, deep corrosion-resistant, solid stainless steel, powder coated & brushed with nickel supports treatment in order to maximize its durability
  • 100% Money Back Assurance: Yes Absolutely, No questions asked. If you are not fully-satisfied with your purchase, we will give your money back. So Click Add to Cart and Buy now

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3 thoughts on “WannaKis Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket Hardware (Pack of 4 Pieces) – Blind Shelves Brackets Support

  1. Best looking install This bracket is making my book shelf look nice and clean. The only problem I encounter was that when I screw the piece of metal into the back metal plate, the flat face on the metal doesn’t align straight with the back metal. I work around it by shortening the screw thread. If I didn’t do that, then when I put on my wood shelf, the whole thing will be wobble and unstable!I definitely recommended that you install it using a different screw, a stronger one. Their were not that great…

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