Prime-Line MP11348-4 Corner Bracket, 4 Piece

These corner brackets are constructed of steel and come in a zinc-plated finish. The brackets come in an L-angle shape, and each leaf has two (2) mounting holes. Corner brackets like these are often used in chests, on windows, furniture, etc., to reinforce right angle corner joints.

Product Features

  • Zinc plating prevents rust and corrosion
  • Countersunk screw holes allows flat head screws to sit flush with the brace
  • Steel construction
  • For indoor or outdoor applications
  • #8×5/8″ Flat Head Tapping Screws 16pcs

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Racks & Rack Cabinet Accessories L Aluminum Mounting Bracket (1 piece) by PARALLAX

Manufacturer: Parallax Product Category: Racks & Rack Cabinet Accessories RoHS: Unit Weight: 0.032000 oz

Product Features

  • Racks & Rack Cabinet Accessories L Aluminum Mounting Bracket (1 piece)

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Universal Black L-Shaped Bracket Holder/Mount for Flash Speedlite & Digital Cameras Two Piece Set

The dual L-shaped bracket is universal for flash speedlites and digital cameras.

It’ s precision made of metal alloy for heavy duty.

With this strap, the camera can stick to your hand closely, therefore there’ s no need to hang the camera to your neck.

Apply standard 1/4” thread at the bottom to attach the tripod and light stand.

Built-in with anti-skidding design to holds camera and flash firmly.



Material: Solid Alloy

Color: Black

Anti light-reflection finish

Built-in anti-skidding layer

Package Includes

1* Long L-shaped bracket

1* Short L-shaped bracket



The flash and camera are applied for illustration.

The item is packaged by white box, not color box.

Product Features

  • The two L-shaped brackets can combine in multiple forms to apply for different requirements of cameras and flash speedlite.
  • Adopting standard 1/4” thread and screw to joint with camera tripod and light stand.
  • The camera and flash speedlite can fix at any position of the bracket with four fasten cap nut.
  • Very durable constructed by solid alloy and adopted unique surface finish for prevent light-reflection.
  • Adopt moveable head to flexibly position the flash horizontally or in vertical direction.

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