Universal Black L-Shaped Bracket Holder/Mount for Flash Speedlite & Digital Cameras Two Piece Set

The dual L-shaped bracket is universal for flash speedlites and digital cameras.

It’ s precision made of metal alloy for heavy duty.

With this strap, the camera can stick to your hand closely, therefore there’ s no need to hang the camera to your neck.

Apply standard 1/4” thread at the bottom to attach the tripod and light stand.

Built-in with anti-skidding design to holds camera and flash firmly.



Material: Solid Alloy

Color: Black

Anti light-reflection finish

Built-in anti-skidding layer

Package Includes

1* Long L-shaped bracket

1* Short L-shaped bracket



The flash and camera are applied for illustration.

The item is packaged by white box, not color box.

Product Features

  • The two L-shaped brackets can combine in multiple forms to apply for different requirements of cameras and flash speedlite.
  • Adopting standard 1/4” thread and screw to joint with camera tripod and light stand.
  • The camera and flash speedlite can fix at any position of the bracket with four fasten cap nut.
  • Very durable constructed by solid alloy and adopted unique surface finish for prevent light-reflection.
  • Adopt moveable head to flexibly position the flash horizontally or in vertical direction.

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