D.H.S. 5mm Bracket Style Cabinet Shelf Support Pegs With Hole – Polished Nickel – Box of 25

Let’s start on the outside and work our way in!
Could anything be more annoying than having to deal with shelf supports that come in a heat-sealed polybag, or worse… an impossible to open hard-shell case? When packaged like that, any leftovers don’t stand a chance. They’ll wind up scattered all over the place, lost forever.

D.H.S. has changed all that by becoming the only seller on Amazon to offer shelf supports in resealable cardboard boxes with a picture of the product right there on the front. So years later, should the need arise, they’ll be exactly where you left them and easy to find. But handy though it may be, the box isn’t exactly reason enough for you to purchase from us, so…

Let’s talk about the shelf brackets themselves!
These supports have an L-shaped bracket that’s riveted to a 5mm shank. VERY sturdy! Notice how it’s almost impossible for them to tear out of the cabinet side, because your properly fitted shelves serve to keep them in place, even under strain. The hole allows you the option of securing the shelves with a small screw, a must when there are small children involved.

The shaft of each shelf bracket is 5mm dia. x 3/8″ long. That gives you plenty of “bite” in the cabinet, while allowing you to fit shelf brackets on both sides of a 3/4″ center panel. The “bracket” part is 1/2″ wide, and projects a full 3/4″ into the cabinet, so they’re pretty forgiving if you happened to cut the shelves a bit short! All that strength and functionality is complimented with a beautiful polished nickel plating, so your shelf supports will look just as shiny and new years from now, as the day you installed them!

Here’s what you get…
1 box of 5mm polished nickel bracket-type shelf supports with hole – 25 pieces

Product Features

  • ESTHETIC APPEAL – These shelf supports have a beautiful polished nickel finish that will look like new for years
  • GREAT SAFETY FEATURE – Small hole allows you to permanently install shelves with the addition of a small screw (not included)
  • ROBUST DESIGN – “Bracket” style offer unparalleled strength, while virtually eliminating the possibility of tear-out
  • ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING – The only shelf support on Amazon that comes in a conveniently reusable cardboard box of 25 pieces
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!! – Please refer to our convenient sizing guide on the <<< LEFT <<< to ensure that you're ordering the right size!

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Rok Hardware 5mm L-Shaped Support Furniture Cabinet Closet Shelf Bracket Pegs with Hole, Nickel, 25 Pack

The ROK L-Shaped shelf support pegs have a nickel finish, keeping your shelf pins looking polished and new for years to come.
L- shaped shelf pins fit into any predrilled (5mm) holes.
Perfect for shelf support in book shelves, cabinets or other shelving units.
Screw hole allows you to permanently install shelves (screw not included)

Product Features

  • Nickle Finish
  • 5mm
  • Bracket style shelf support
  • 25 Per bag
  • Rok® Brand is sold exclusively by Rok Hardware. When you purchase a Rok® Brand product, your satisfaction is guaranteed. The Rok® name is a registered trademark of Rok, Inc

Detailed information available on our homepage…