Pair of Iron Shelf Brackets Flat Angle Curved Black Floating Industrial Shelves, 6-Inch

Box Contains:
2 x brackets 4 x Long Screws 4 x Screws sleeves 4 x Short Screws for fix board

Size Chart:
6 Inches FITS STANDARD 1 x 6 / 2 x 6 & 1 x 7 / 2 x 7 board
8 Inches FITS STANDARD 1 x 8 / 2 x 8 & 1 x 9 / 2 x 9 & 1 x 10 / 2 x 10 board
No length limited

Can be Upwards installed or Downwards installed. Very Easy Installation.

Product Features

  • Well Constructed: Solid Iron Structure, Unique Design. Rugged and durable Molding with High Weight Limit
  • Flexible Installation: Recommended use 1” x 6” / 2″ x 6″ & 1” x 7” / 2″ x 7″ standard wood board for 6 Inches brackets; upside-down installation turns out great as well.****No boards or shelves are included****
  • Multi-Application: For Storage Rack, Bookshelf, Kitchen Shelving, Display Shelf, Commodity shelf, Farm, Garden, Coffee Stores and Bars, etc. It’s great choice for indoor or outdoor use
  • High Temperature Coated Finish. Deep Rust Prevention. Smooth and stable surface and each brackets can be stained to a variety of colors to match your decor and style
  • The products you purchased guarantee 100% Return or Fully Refund if you are unsatisfied!

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3 thoughts on “Pair of Iron Shelf Brackets Flat Angle Curved Black Floating Industrial Shelves, 6-Inch

  1. Minimum visability maximum support! Absolutely PERFECT! I made a floating shelf the “easy” way without any hardware but the weight/thickness of the wood caused the front to droop a bit. These simple brackets were the perfect solution! The cast iron like finish makes it very sturdy, extremely easy to install, and complimented my big ole hankin shelf. I wanted black screws to match instead of regular ones so they’d be barely visible. If you do this, stay away from the black gypsum screws! They break off into the wood and plaster…

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